“I prefer the Fitness on Track Program vs Joining a Gym for the following reasons:


1. You get to see familiar faces each week, form friendships and share your weight loss journey with others who have similar goals. Not only are the instructors motivating you to meet your goals, but program members are also there to encourage you and celebrate in your fitness accomplishments.
2. The instructors always bring high energy to each class. It’s more than just a job for them, they are truly passionate about fitness. Their passion is contagious. 
3. Unlike gym machines and classes that are repetitive and boring, FOT mixes up the routine and makes it fun so that you don’t even realize that you are working out. 
4. The cost of the program is reasonable, class starts at a great time and the location is in close proximity to my job. I have NO excuse not to go! 
5. The program works, you will see results.
6. It is a comprehensive program. You learn techniques for at-home workouts and get fitness tips and nutrition information. Most gyms charge extra for these services but it is part of the F.O.T program.”  
“I chose Fitness On Track for the one on one interaction, accountability and motivation.  It is affordable and fun!!!  We work as a TEAM!!!  As opposed to a gym, where I feel like I’m just another number.  You waste time waiting for equipment, with no guidance on how to use them properly.  I love Fitness On Track for the personalized attention and the feeling of family you get. So, come join the family.”
susan patterson
“Love, love, love this Zumba class. Ina is a wonderful instructor and a great dancer. I’ll be back!!!”

Exercise is not Seasonal – It's a Lifestyle!