Fitness On Track is more than just a health and wellness company, we’re literally a family that believes in and appreciates a healthy active lifestyle and we want to share our passion with you. Our company makes you feel like you’re a part of a fitness family and our participants are a support group for one another. Our staff and trainers are certified and licensed to teach in their area of expertise. We’re known for our professional and personable staff. We provide a team oriented environment and our programs are designed to be effective, fun, and engaging. As an added component we are teamed up with. Pete’s Cuisine a food service that provides onsite healthy and nutritional meals. You’ll learn how to make changes to your diet without compromising taste. You’ll also learn how to eat the right portion size and break down barriers that have deterred you from being successful with weight loss and fitness goals in the past. Not only that, but you’ll learn how to make exercise a part of your lifestyle. We don’t teach or promote “quick fixes”. We teach you how to make realistic and healthy changes that will stick with you for a lifetime. Last but not least, we practice what we preach.


28Brenda Roberts-Claggette is the founder of Fitness On Track. Exercise has always been a part of her lifestyle.  She has a natural passion for helping others and finds great joy in providing nutrition education and exercise services to those in need.  In 2009 she decided to create Fitness On Track and obtained her Personal Training Certification from  American Muscle and Fitness. Brenda’s exercise classes are effective for people of all exercise levels. Her exercise classes include but are not limited to: Cardio Strength & Endurance Training, Basic Step Aerobics, Chair Aerobics,Resistance Training and  Dance Shuffles.  Brenda’s passion for exercise and her desire to encourage and motivate others to live a healthy lifestyle ensures that she will continue to excel in the Health and Wellness Industry!


Dad's Photo

Arthur Claggette is the founder of Pete’s Cuisine, husband to Brenda Roberts-Claggette and father of Ina Claggette. He really enjoys teaming up with his wife and daughter in providing great food that’s nutritious as well as delicious to their participants. He has over 20 years of culinary experience and has worked at the following Hotels and Clubs:  Sous Chef at the Atlanta Hilton Hotel, Chef at the Berkeley California Marriott Hotel and Chef at the California Marin Country Club.

Arthur specializes in Soups and Sauces, but has an insatiable curiosity for preparing new foods in different ways.  Every good Chef should have his own garden – and Arthur takes pride in the garden he grows.  He grows an abundance of fresh herbs like Lemon Thyme, Rosemary, Basil and Mint.  All of which he cooks with.  He also grows tomatoes, jalapeno peppers, squash, green beans and strawberries.  Arthur’s cooking style ranges from gourmet to simple. He loves to surprise people with new ways to spin old favorites.  He is passionate about using fresh garden grown ingredients and prepares meals on-site for the Fitness On Track exercise/weight loss programs.


ZUMBA QUEENIna Boireau, the daughter of Founder Brenda Roberts-Claggette and Arthur Claggette of Pete’s Cuisine, has over 10 years of dance experience. She’s well versed in Hip-Hop, West African, Modern Jazz, and Latin dance styles.  Her ZUMBA classes are fun, the music is infectious, energetic and engaging – anyone can do ZUMBA, just do it at your own pace – it’s all about movement.  The benefit of taking Ina’s class is you’ll increase your circulation, reduce stress, make new friends and enjoy your new found physical and mental state of mind.

Exercise is not Seasonal – It's a Lifestyle!