Make Little Changes for Big Weight Loss

Weight loss can feel overwhelming. With big goals, it can seem like you aren’t making the progress you want, which leads to lack of motivation. We encourage you to

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make small goals. Small lifestyle changes add up to the BIG weight loss accomplishments and they become a part of your lifestyle, rather than a fade diet. Try these today!


1. Eat protein at breakfast– like eggs! Protein keeps you fuller longer than that bagel or blueberry muffin. You’ll be less likely to eat

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more later on.


2. Eat more fresh fruit and veggies… skip the canned version for a healthier choice.


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3. Park your car far away so you’ll walk more steps and burn more calories (or walk instead of drive!)


4. Switch to 100% whole grains… who needs white bread when you have so many whole grain options?


5. Get more fiber. It also keeps you

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fuller and helps with digestion.


6. Drink at least 8 classes of water. You’ll eat less and feel better.


7. No more soda and sugary fruit juice… and that’s final!


8. Drink light beer instead of regular beer, choose a low cal cocktail made with club soda over the ones made with soda & fruit juice, limit your wine portions.


9. Don’t eat in front of the TV. You’ll be more likely to eat mindlessly.


10. Cook with heart healthy olive oil not butter or other fats.


11. Start with soup or salad– you’ll eat less of your entree.


12. Keep a little dark chocolate on hand to satisfy your sweet tooth– so you won’t dig into that pint of ice cream.


13. No more fast food. No excuses.


14. That goes for processed foods too!


15. Add strength training to your exercise regimen. More muscle=more calories burned all day long.


16. Use a pedometer, try to walk more steps every day!


17. Log your calories in the food and fitness journal to stay accountable.


18. Put your workouts on your calendar. You’ll be more likely to do them.


19. Choose skim, almond, or rice milk over full fat milk and cream.


20. Move more– take the stairs, do squats while you’re watching TV, stand at your desk, do toe raises while you brush your teeth.


21. Plan active outdoor activities instead of watching TV or seeing a movie.


22. Skip the sugar in your coffee or cereal use Stevia or agave instead.


23. Snack smart– choose fruit, low fat yogurt, nuts, or veggies and hummus to stay satisfied.


24. Take a walk after dinner.


25. Order salad dressing on the side and add a little bit on your fork when you want some flavor.


26. Chew minty gum to ward off cravings.


27. If you go out to dinner, choose a cocktail or dessert, but not both.


28. Get at least 8 hours of sleep. Being tired makes you more likely to eat more.


29. Flavor your food with spices and herbs instead of salt and sugar.


30. Bring your own lunch. You’ll know exactly what’s in it!


31. Join

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Fitness on Tack or a weight loss group for extra support! Try to Lose 10 Pounds.